surespot is intuitive and easy to use, but there are a lot of great features you don't want to miss out on. Here are some helpful tips and information to get you started.

Download and install surespot

Install surespot from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Create an identity

Usernames are case sensitive and the only way you will be identified. Passwords can NEVER be reset or recovered.

Backup and Restore Identities

YOU MUST preserve your identity by saving to Device Storage or Google Drive. Your identity contains your encryption keys and to protect your privacy we do not store them. If you get a new phone or uninstall/reinstall surespot you will need to restore your identity.

Inviting other surespot users

From the home screen invite other users, usernames are case sensitive and unique. You can also pop up your QR code and have others scan it.

Inviting others to use surespot

From the menu choose "share invite link" or "invite contacts". From there you can choose to send an auto-invitation by email, text or by social media. surespot does not mine your contacts to automatically find other users because we do not store your phone number or email, or any other identifying information.

Assigning Avatars

Once a friend has accepted your invitation you can assign a picture to them by long pressing their name on the home page and selecting "assign image". You can choose any image from your device.

Send a Message

Touch a friend's name on the home page to open a conversation tab. The first message sent may take a moment as the key exchange occurs. Now the two of you share the secret key that allows you to decrypt each others messages. NO ONE ELSE can decrypt these messages and images, not even us.

Voice Messages

Hold down the microphone button to record your voice message, release it to send. A countdown timer lets you know how much time you have left. If the conversation tab is open, a received voice message will play aloud immediately otherwise touch once to play and again to stop.


On Android, surespot uses an open source emoji library that anyone can contribute to. The library is getting bigger all the time. Touch the randomly assigned emoji button to pull up the emoji keyboard, touch it again to put it away. On iOS, surespot uses the native emoji keyboard.


You can select a picture to send from within surespot or by choosing share from the gallery (on Android). You can capture a picture within surespot and it will be saved to your gallery. Sent images are locked by default and cannot be saved to the receiver's gallery until you choose to unlock it by long pressing on the sent image.

Deleting Messages

Messages you send are under your control, when you delete them from your phone they will also be deleted from the receiver's phone and the surespot server. The server limits message storage to 1000 messages, after which it will automatically delete the oldest message as you send new ones.

Blocking a User

When you don't want to talk to someone anymore just delete them from your friends list with a long press and choose delete from the friend menu, this will also delete all of your messages to them. If they invite you back you can block them. Blocking will only be removed if you choose to invite them again.

Multiple Identities

Need to be someone else? Identities on the same device do not share contact lists, preferences or keys. Delete the identity when you are done and all your messages get deleted, from everywhere.

surespot is available on:

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